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EWO Electrician Windsor Ontario

Electrician Windsor

If you are looking for expert electricians in Windsor, you have found them. Our team of highly trained professionals are excellent at their jobs and are able to complete all your electrical needs. Whether you are require lighting installation, a complete house wiring job, installation of cameras for your business or even an electrical safety check, we are here to help you.

About Us

We are a team of qualified electricians in Windsor Ontario who take great pride in our work and enjoy servicing our friends and neighbours in the area of Windsor Ontario. We started as a small business, but when the quality of our work was realised, we quickly grew into one of the best names in the region. Our care and quality of work is what built us this reputation, along with the friendly nature of all our technicians.


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    Our Services

    We have a broad range of services we are able to provide, more than would be logical to write down for you. If you have a job that requires a professional and high-quality electrician, we will be able to complete the task for you. We have outlined some of our main services here, with further information on the most common ones in their own dedicated tabs. If you have something specific you are unsure we will be able to complete, please make sure to call us and discuss.

    Smiling young female electrician in blue coveralls and a blue helmet using an electrical screwdriver to install an electrical wall socket, with behind her a red toolbox with several tools

    Residential Electrician

    Our team of friendly, qualified Windsor electricians are able to help you with any of your residential needs. Some of the more popular residential electrician jobs these days include child proof outlets, circuit breaker repairs and replacements, outlet and switch repairs, tankless water heaters and wiring upgrades. All this in addition to your lighting and electrical installations in your home.

    Male electrician checking a power socket with a power meter before attaching it to the wall

    Commercial Electrician

    We are not limited to the residential sector only, we are also qualified to work in the commercial sector. We have plenty of experience working with businesses and commercial products, including ballast & bulb replacement, dock wiring, grounding rods, electrical inspections, retrofit lighting and electrical panel repairs, upgrades and fire repairs. There are several more unlisted commercial electrician installations and repairs available to you. We have the manpower required to complete your commercial electrical tasks in a timely fashion and to the highest quality standards

    Male electrician with a trimmed beard installing lighting during a renovation

    Lighting Installation

    Our Windsor electricians are very familiar with lighting installations of all different kinds. We can complete ceiling fan and light installations, chandelier installations, light dimmers and timers on either new or existing lights, lighting controls and motion sensors. Whether you are looking to upgrade just one light fitting, or to upgrade your entire property we would be more than happy to be of assistance.

    Male electrician smiling whilst using a wire cutter to cut a wire sticking out of a tiled wall

    Electrical Repairs

    Electrical repairs must be carried out by licenced professionals to make sure that the repair is done safely for you and your family. Our team are experienced in electrical wiring repairs, flickering lights repair, recessed lighting and general lighting repairs, as well as any other rewiring or repair jobs that involve electric wires. We are qualified in completing any electrical repair safely to keep your home and our electrical contractors in Windsor safe. We strongly recommend to contact us for more serious electrical repairs as they can cause a threat to the safety of you and your property and potentially that of the neighbours.

    Two electricians smiling whilst discussing the job at hand. One of them is on a ladder holding a wire, the other is holding the electrical plan on paper

    Electrical Installations

    If you are looking to have a new electrical installation and aren’t sure about the process, all you need to do is contact us. Our dedicated team will be able to talk you through the process necessities of electrical installations such as circuit installations and upgrades. We have ample experience in installing sound systems, security cameras and recessed lighting. If it is a new electrical component you are looking to have installed in your home or commercial space, we are the experts and willing to help.

    Female electrician with grey gloves and blue coveralls checking a residential main power breaker

    Electrical Safety and Inspections

    Here at EWO Electrician Windsor Ontario, we understand the importance of electrical safety. As a company we continue to train our staff on electrical safety to make sure we can provide you with the most reliable electrical work possible. We also offer electrical inspections, to make sure that your home or commercial space meets the current standards and that there are no potential imminent risks to your family, staff or clients. We are sure to communicate any of our findings with our clients, so that you can be sure that your property is safe or what needs to be done to make sure that it is.

    Contact EWO Electrician Windsor Ontario

    If you find yourself in need of any of the above services and want them to be done by a local, qualified expert, please head over to our contact page or give us a call. We are more than happy to discuss any task with you, what it is that you are looking for, when you would like works to be done and provide you with a cost estimation. Our team of personable staff will be glad to speak with you and schedule in a time with our electrical contractors that works best for you.

    “The team at EWO Electrician Windsor Ontario were fantastic. They did a complete overhaul of our home and upgraded it so that we now have a ‘smart home’ with timers and whatnot. Really impressed with the speed and finishes of the work they did.” - Jake, Ontario


    “We had a new security system installed through EWO Electrician Windsor Ontario and couldn’t be happier. The quality of workmanship is great, there is nothing that looks untidy or incomplete and they made sure to clean up after themselves. Very happy with the end result.” - Daniel, Ontario

    “We had an electrical safety inspection undertaken after we purchased a new home as we had a few concerns. As it turns out the wiring was really old and needed rewiring. We were impressed with their honesty and thorough investigation and will be having them back to complete the rewiring job.” - Sam, Ontario

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