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Commercial Electrician

Senior male commercial electrician is showing a younger female electrician the power output with the use of a power meter

Commercial electricians work in the commercial space for businesses. Our team of experts are experienced in working with small businesses, as well as large companies and builders. We strive to provide a safe, reliable and prompt service to all our clients, regardless of how small or big the job is. Below we have outlined some of the common areas our commercial electrician provides for our clients. If you are unsure if we can provide the services you require, please contact us to discuss your needs.

Complete Wiring Set Up

If you are establishing your business and need to fit out your retail or office space, we would be happy to complete the setup for you. Whether it is just simple lighting and power outlets for an office, or specific needs for a hairdresser or mechanic shop, we are able to complete the task at hand. We are able to work with builders on a commercial contract basis on the complete wiring of homes and buildings. Our staff are experts in what they do, and the best quality installations come as second nature to them. This means that you can rest assured knowing that your business is in safe hands.

Light Installation

If you are looking to jazz up your real estate office of retail shop, feature lights may be what you are looking for. Our team at EWO Electrician Windsor Ontario would be happy to help with guidance on what would best light up your area and suit the design of your space. If you ae looking to upgrade your lighting throughout, we are able to assist with guiding you on energy efficiency as well as design and layout to ensure your business space is well lit and energy efficient.

Safety Checks

As we all know, faulty wiring can have some disastrous consequences. We know you want to avoid unnecessary damages at all costs, which is why our team of experts provide safety checks for all wiring within your business. Whether it is a one-off check for your peace of mind, or an annual check to meet legal requirements, our staff at EWO Electrician Windsor Ontario are ready to help. We understand the importance of safety and understand the consequences if something were to go wrong. This is why we take great care in our checks and maintain our high attention to detail and diligence when providing our clients with safety checks.

General Repairs & Replacement

Unfortunately, sometimes things go wrong, with a faulty power socket or blown lights. We are here to assist with the small jobs as well as the large jobs. If you have a light that needs to be replaced or need an additional power outlet or two, we are able to assist with your task quickly and efficiently. We are the one stop electrical contractors who can service all of your commercial electrical requirements to a high quality standard and a neat finish.


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