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Electrical Installations

Senior electrician with glasses diligently installing a power socket

Electrical installations can be required for a number of reasons but whatever the reason is, rest assured that our team of diligent contractors at EWO Electrician Windsor Ontario are able to complete the task with the best result. Whether you need more power to your business or want to upgrade your electrical system to a more modern one, we can assist. Below we have provided some of the more common installation tasks we are requested to do and can do a range more. Anything electrical, we are the right company for the job.


If you are looking to have your lighting system upgraded, you have found the right people for the job. Our many years of experience means that we are able to complete upgrade tasks and installations within a relatively quick time frame, whist also ensuring the quality of finishes and with non-compromised safety. We are also able to complete smaller tasks for you, such as light installations, additional power sockets and child proof outlets to make sure your children won’t hurt themselves. Our work will always be carried out with safety in mind.


Looking to upgrade your business with the latest technology? We can take the complication out of it for you with our years of experience and understanding of electrical installations. Whether you are looking to have a security system installed to protect your business or want to upgrade to the latest technology, so that you have a ‘smart’ business, we can assist. We are able to help you with any installation you may need to streamline your commercial operation and can also offer suggestions for further installations if our clients are interested.


Electrical installations appear in a range of forms and for a range of reasons, the most common being the requirement for an upgrade, like motion sensors. Whether your home needs rewiring due to its age and integrity, or updating your home or office to the latest technology to increase its efficiency. Our dedicated team at EWO Electrician Windsor Ontario are always more than happy to help. We are experienced in completing upgrade tasks and will always take the time to explain how to use the upgrades, so that you understand how to work them when we are not onsite with you.


As electricians, our number one priority at all times is safety. Not just for our workers, but also for our clients. We will always make sure that we are able to complete installations in a safe area, which may mean that certain elements of your electricity need to be turned off for the duration of job. We will be sure to communicate with you in advance what disruptions there may be so that you are able to prepare for it. Any installation provided by our team will come with our certification and guarantee so that you can ensure its safety.


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