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Electrical Safety and Inspections

Smiling male electrician using a power meter to check a circuit panel

Safety of your electrical work is very important, in order to avoid any issues with electrocution or electrical fires due to faulty wiring. We are dedicated to ensuring that all of our projects, clients and neighbours are safe from preventable electrical issues. If you suspect risky situations with your wiring or electrics, please contact us immediately. We would hate to see any delay in contacting us that lead to an accident that we could have prevented.


When we first receive a call about an electrical safety inspection, our office staff will start asking you a series of questions to understand the urgency. This will also help our team to establish if there is some kind of issue that it related to the power supply or faulty equipment, appliances or wiring. When onsite our team will commence the investigation of your electrics and provide a thorough inspection of all elements. We understand the importance of safety, and this means that our team will look into even the minutest of details to confirm your safety. The inspection often also includes a series of tests, rather than just a visual inspection.


When our team of professionals at EWO Electrician Windsor Ontario have completed their inspection and are satisfied with their findings, they will sit with you to discuss them. If there are any areas of concern, they will explain these to you. If there is a known cause, they will advise you of them and will instruct on how you can be prevent them in the future. If there are repair tasks that need to be done, or emergency work required, they will advise you of this and seek your approval before they commence with any potential upgrades or repairs. They will be happy to discuss any questions or concerns you may have about the findings and give advice on how to rectify the issues.


If our team of experts finds any areas of concern that require rectification, they will discuss these with you. Often when it comes to electrical safety, repairs can be urgent in order to avoid any accidents occurring. Sometimes they can be a straightforward repair job that our team at EWO Electrician Windsor Ontario can fix whilst onsite after gaining your approval. Other times they may require the ordering of parts that may take anywhere from a few hours to days to obtain. They will make sure that repairs are carried out as soon as possible to ensure the safety of your property and its inhabitants.


Our team are able to provide certification of electrical safety once they are satisfied that all aspects of the electrical inspection have been completed and have been marked as compliant. Hopefully they are able to provide this certification on their first visit to inspect your home or commercial operation. On the occasion that repair work is required, they will proceed with the job after your approval and will ensure the necessary safety requirements are met.


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