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Lighting Installation

Male electrician with grey gloves and a blue coverall and helmet, screwing in a lightbulb to finalise a lighting installation job

If you are looking to have a new lighting installation, whether that be for feature lights, additional lights or a complete overhaul of your current situation, our team are here to help. We will work with you every step of the way, from assistance in design if required, to the installation itself, usage instructions and certification of your new lighting installation. We have outlined the general process for a lighting installation below, including what we are able to do to make sure you have the best experience with our team.


Lighting design can be a tricky task if you don’t have a concept. Our team of professionals at EWO Electrician Windsor Ontario have the knowledge and experience to help you with the design and fittings. Some examples of design options are chandelier installations, retrofit lighting or recessed lighting  As they work with lighting every day, they have a great understanding of what is energy efficient, stylish and practical in different spaces. Our expert electricians are always delighted to work with and guide our clients to a solution that suits your needs, as well as your budget to ensure the best possible outcome.


Depending on the style of lighting you have selected and the existing wiring systems of your current property, the preparation of each may vary slightly. If you are looking to have recessed lighting installed or complete relocation of lights, this may mean that some plaster and patchwork is required and lighting controls may have to be installed. If you don't have sufficient wiring or old wiring that won't support the new lighting installation, an upgrade may be required. When your design has been established, our professionals will look through the property and give guidance on the preparation works required and will be sure to communicate with you throughout the whole process.


Our team at EWO Electrician Windsor Ontario gets excited about new lighting installations. We are like crows with a shiny new object to play with. As electrical high-quality work is our passion, we take great pride in being involved in new and exciting installations. We take the greatest care in ensuring that the finishes are to the highest standard so that we can be proud of our work, and you can be happy with your new lighting system. Our staff will always take the time to talk you through the operations of the new lights so that there is no confusion after we leave. Depending on the installation, they will show you how it works and what adjustments you can make at a later date if desired.


Any new lighting installation should come with an electrical certificate of compliance, so that you can be sure that your works are guaranteed to be safe. As the professionals and experts in our industry, we know the importance of safety and the quality of works our contractors carry out. We will always certify all of our works, so that you know that the installation has been completed successfully and correctly.


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