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Residential Electrician

Electrician in blue coveralls and a yellow helmet installing a power socket a screwdriver, with several tools by his side

Residential electricians work on electrical matters within your home. Fortunately for the residents of Windsor, you have EWO Electrician Windsor Ontario who have earnt their name as the experts. Whether it be small jobs like a light fitting replacement, a new installation or safety checks for your home, we have got you covered. We’ve put a bit of detail below on how we are able to assist with your residential requirements, and always welcome a call if you have any questions.

Complete Home Wiring

If you are a contractor or builder who is constructing a house, one of the service people you will require is an electrician. We are experienced in complete home wiring, making your home as easy to operate as possible. We make sure that new installations down the line will not be hard to complete due to confusing wiring. Our team are experienced in working with and around other trades people and are happy to sit and discuss with you what your requirements and desires are. When the task has been completed, we take the time to explain any of the new technologies that may be installed and how to operate them.

New installations

Sometimes homeowners decide that they would like some additional security in the form of a front door camera or visual display doorbell. Others may want to have their lights changed to recessed or feature lights. Some owners decide a theatre room is what their home is missing and need their new surround sound system installed. Occassionally more power outlets are required, if you are rearranging and power sources are proving an issue. Our team of professionals are able to help you with these tasks and many more, always ensuring that the finished product is impeccable.

Safety Checks

Safety of your wiring is exceptionally important. If you have faulty wiring, one misfire has the potential to set your house on fire, or accidentally electrocute a family member. Our team understands the importance of electrical safety and will thoroughly check the wiring in your home as if it was their own. We take these tasks very seriously and we make sure to always discuss any areas of concern with our clients, or make the immediate necessary adjustments. If you have any concerns about the safety of your wiring, please contact us immediately to check this for you.

General Repairs

There are so many odd jobs around the house that require the services of a residential electrician that it would be impractical to list them all here. Some of the common general repairs include circuit breaker repairs, wiring upgrades and child proof power outlets. Our expertise in the field has provided our electricians with the knowledge to complete most tasks with ease and they are up for the challenge of the more difficult tasks are well. All of the above with regulations and safety in mind. Whatever the task, our team of experts are able to quickly and professionally complete it for you with a high-quality finish.


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